Dreams: One Man’s Journey

Dreams: One Man’s Journey
By Dawson C. Walton
A everyday man working to survive suddenly starts to have dreams, but they are not ordinary dreams. His come true. At first, he has trouble understanding them, but quickly, learns to control them. In a world filled with poverty and violence, he takes it upon himself to help those who are less fortunate, while at the same time he helps himself.

He learns to control his dreams and uses his new found talent to correct some of the wrongs of the world. He helps in the only way he knows, assisting those in need while building a nest egg. However, like most good things, this must end. Because of a mishap during one of the dreams, he is arrested and sentenced to die.

But does he?

                                 @ https://www.amazon.com/dp/b005en78mg

 Dreams (2)

                       And paperback @ https://www.createspace.com/3672002


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