About the author Dawson C. Walton aka The Dream Writer

My name is Dawson C. Walton I am a storyteller of sorts I have always had a bunch of stories in my head and until about two years ago they stayed there but I could not contain them any longer and they spilled out onto my computer. The idea of Dreams came to me years ago while working in a warehouse and my coworkers said “you should write that down” So I went home picked up a three ring binder and started writing. A couple of months later it ended up in the closet due to work and life.  Then about two years ago I found the dusty manuscript and started reading it and that was when it happened I got hit by the writing bug and have loved writing ever since. I know it is not perfect however everyone that has read it has so far loved it and all have said that it would make a great mini-series I think so too I am a little prejudice. I know I will never be a Stephen King but really I don’t want to be. People enjoy what I write and that my friends is all I care about.

So Please check out my work and enjoy.

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One thought on “About the author Dawson C. Walton aka The Dream Writer

  1. Hi Stephen! Just kidding… hi Dawson 🙂 I’m happy that you’ve been writing and that your fans love your work and you get true satisfaction from same. I will be back to check out more of your site soon. Until then, take care.

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