Want to help a veteran?

A friend and fellow soldier has been stricken with a real bad condition and loves listening to music. Nothing in this world is free but he has found a great deal on vinyl and if you could feel it in your heart to donate a few bucks that would be great here is his info

Robert Levoy

1735 W. State of Franklin Road Suite 5 Box 292 Johnson City, TN 37604

2. for amazon gift cards boblevoy@comcast.net

3. for funds to his paypal account rebel_yell@usa.com

Thanks any donation is appreciated


One thought on “Want to help a veteran?

  1. I want to thank Dawson for his help. Music helps my pain level that i live 24/7 do down. On a scale of 0-9 i live at a minimum four every day….during the winter months it is mostly at a 6. I have found out i have two more discs above my last surgical site has gone bad. That means surgery number four. I presently suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease, Scoliosis, Sciatica, Severe Arthritis ans Severe Depression. Music elevates my mood. Any donations to this record fund will be greatly appreicated.. Thank you

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