Author Jas T, Ward

Jas T. Ward another of the inspiring authors today
I am a struggling writer, author, tortured soul with voices of characters waiting to live. I delve in full-length novels, short-stories, and when the pace refuses to be silent- poetry. I like to give my readers unexpected twist and shock them when they least expect it. But make it worth the ride by crediting readers of the genres I choose to write in with having a brain.
My first book- Bits and Pieces: Tales and Sonnets was a collection of shorts and poems I wrote online in various social medias and requested by a large fan base of thousands. Also includes the prequel to my new Shadow-Keepers series coming in the winter of 2013.
Finally- I am the co-founder/editor of Dead Bound Publishing.
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Bits & Pieces: Tales and Sonnets Synopsis

After demands of thousands of fans in various social medias, author Jas T. Ward releases Bits and Pieces: Tales and Sonnets (Volume 1) due to popular demand.

A collection of poems, short stories woven with laughter, tears, horror and suspense, the author has finally granted what the fans have wanted for years. Known for twists and darkness, as well as humor, this collection will not let old or new fans down. There is something to delight them both. 

Also included- A BONUS:

A Prelude to the author’s upcoming series- The Shadow-Keepers Series. Included is the novella that kicks off Book One in the Series: Sweet Madness, which is the story of wildly popular character, Reno Sundown.


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