Author Akintomide Ifedayo Adigwe

I am Akintomide Ifedayo Adigwe. A self published author from Western Africa. A lot of my books are based on the myths and legends of the people in my side of the world. The drama and crime thrillers are also based on happenings in my country though I try to give it worldwide appeal. I’ll leave the readers to judge whether I have been successful.
I am going to post links and mini synopsis to my six books below.

A man’s world is turned upside down when he wakes up to find his wife and child lying dead, murdered in their sleep. Blamed for their deaths he is arrested and remanded in prison to wait for a trial date which might never come. A couple of month’s later Islamic militants break into the prison and set all the prisoners free.
Accompanied by several seasoned inmates he begins the search to root out his wife and child’s killers. It is a race against time to get to the bottom of what is happening before the killers and the corrupt police catch up to him.
The Divide is a crime political thriller with heart and thrills on every page. A jolly good read which recently got a five star review. Go here to see

A new take on the human trafficking scourge told from the perspectives of two sixteen year old Nigerian girls who are forced to leave their homes and journey to the city many miles away to serve as maids. Without a Voice chronicles their everyday lives and experiences for a two year period of service. It is a very human story which explores themes like love, friendship and eventually abuse in a cold and somewhat uncaring society. An engrossing read with a five star review. Go here to grab a copy and share if you are so inclined. Thanks

The Konga trilogy chronicles a man’s journey from sad servitude beginnings to a powerful godlike end. It is a high octane fantasy thriller which is loosely based on the many myths and legends of the Yoruba people of West Africa. Real engaging reads, all with 5 star reviews. Follow the link below to check it out. At .99cents a copy it’s a steal
Divide.2jpg copy(1)


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