What would you do if your dreams became reality?


 DREAMS:  one man’s journey

 By Dawson C. Walton


         Just an everyday man, like you and I am working to survive in a job that is going nowhere just living paycheck to paycheck. Then one day unexpectedly he starts to have dreams. But unlike the ones that you and I have his do come true. At first, he could not even understand them, but soon he learns that the dreams could be controlled and steered where and how he wants them to go. With the world around him filled with crime and despair and people living in the street with nowhere to call home but a cardboard box while others lived and prospered doing whatever they wanted. He takes it upon himself to help those people that are less fortunate, and at the same time he helps himself.

    Living in a small apartment above a neighborhood store he works for minimum wages as a dishwasher in a local cafe. Once he can control his dreams. He uses his new-found talent to help those as he sees fit.

   However, for those like the fat pawnshop owner who laughed at him to the bullies who make the streets unsafe for everyone: even the drug pushers who pollute the streets with their poison. He helps in the only way he knows kill those that offend society and help those that are in need while building a nest egg for him. But as you and I know like most good things; this too ends. After a bizarre mishap during one of the dreams, the Detective who has always seemed to be there arrests him. After a brief trial, he is to die in the Gas Chamber for his crimes against humanity.

 But does he?

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