Galaxy Battle part II





“Captain we have an incoming message from Admiral Torkelson marked urgent and confidential.”


“Transfer it to my quarters” I replied wondering what it was they wanted now we were already late leaving port.


Raven’s quarters


“Yes Admiral what can I do for you.”


“Captain Raven as you may know we monitor all sub space channels and when a key word is used, we lock on to that transmission and monitor it. Jack your name has been flagged. This transmission was received about an hour ago.”


“Yes Commander we have captured Captain Raven and his ship as you ordered. We will be returning to Sarious in two days time.”


“Good Lieutenant now that we have that thieving pirate he will pay for his crimes with his life. See you then Commetch out.”


“So you see Jack when your name came up, we got curious so we contacted the Sarious Empire and inquired as to the charges being brought against him and the crew. They are claiming that your father, his crew stole a valuable shipment from them. They would not tell us what exactly the shipment was but will allow us to send a representative to their planet for your father’s defense. The Council feels that it would be in the Central Commands best interest if you attended this trial. We have arranged for you to meet up with the Starfish, which is transporting the Commands Legal team on their way back from negotiations. We feel that with your assistance, your father and his crew will be freed.”


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